Question: 3 towers <5mi away, only picking up 1 channel



Hello everyone,

I'm usually pretty decent with tech but this is killing me. I have an outdoor antenna hooked up to my PC with a Hauppauge 1250. I scan real channels 2-51 using the utility through WinTV 8 and turn up tons of channels coming in clear as a bell except I get ZERO coming in from my local NBC/ABC channels (real channel 48/38). There are 3 huge towers just south of me that broadcast NBC/ABC/CBS and CBS comes in great, clear and strong. FOX comes in clear and strong and it's 24mi away!! Something isn't right here. Do these stations just go dark sometimes?

Really thankful for any advice/help. I'll try anything, I'm at the end of my troubleshooting skills.

Here is my location report from TV Fool
TV Fool


If I understand your issue correctly, your local stations work fine on your TV, but not on your hvr1250
when using Wintv.
The hauppauge 1250 sounds like a pretty old device, I see old posts regarding it dating back to at least 2008/2009. Regardless, what little I have read it sounds like a pretty decent card performance wise. Have you tried using the Hauppauge Signal Monitor Program?
Go here:
Support for WinTV-HVR-1250 and WinTV-HVR-1265
Click on the Accessories Tab, you should see WinTV Digital Signal Strength Indicator application,
download and install it. If I remember right, it's designed to be run while running something else
that actually does the tuning. It's just a monitor and doesn't do any tuning itself.
But using that, should give you a good idea if you have any form of signal degradation going on.

Report the SNR for the problematic RF channels using that utility.