$300 Rewards Card Never Came - DirecTV

This question is about "$300 Rewards Card Never Came", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. So I signed up with AT&T last year on 9/29/15 with a promotional coupon for a $300 Visa Rewards card. Here we are, 1 year later, and no rewards card. I just called to cancel my AT&T service, was given a better rate than my previous year, so I renewed my contract.

When I asked the representative about my rewards card, which I've done several times over the past year, I was given the rewards hotline number. THis number is basically commercial after commercial and you cannot connect with a live person. She also stated that I should I have an email for said reward card, but when I looked back through my emails for the last year, nothing.

How do I get this reward card? If I do not get an answer on this, very soon, I will cancel the service that I just renewed. This service is entirely too expensive for the shoddy reception I get and terrible picture quality.

Please advise.

This topic covered $300 Rewards Card Never Came, and DirecTV satellite tv service.

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