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    Default Converting BUD to FTA


    I have a c-band dish in the yard and would like to upgrade it to FTA. One company said I would need a new receiver, positioner, and ku/c-band LNBF. Does this sound right? Thanks

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    I don't have a dish, and I am not really "educated" fully in FTA, but from what I understand you can get FTA on your big dish. There are 2 bands, C band and Ku. What you have is C band, and what the company was refering to was converting your dish to Ku, I believe. I think C band may offer more unscrambled content. You may need a new LNBF, I think you may need a new reciever if the one you have is really old.

    Here's a FTA list for C band:
    American Satellite Distributors for DirecTV, Free-to-Air, Hotel TV, Towers

    Wish I had a big ugly dish.

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