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    Question FTA with DirecTV receiver?

    Has anyone been able to get FTA using a DirecTV receiver?

    Yes, I have Googled and got nothing. I have a basic SD box. I hope someone here got it to work. Thanks.

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    I'm not as versed on FTA as I'd like, but...

    It's quite possible, my first thought would be to get a Universal LNB, which wouldn't cost much, and try it.
    Given there may be some physical differences in the Mount, that would be the only problem, getting it lined up and receiving. Then, just reorient your Dish, and see if it works.

    Have a good Day !
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    Short answer seems to be, there's no easy way, if at all.
    The dish is too small, for one, and the receiver won't work. I think the only thing you can use is the mount that the dish is on and the cable... but with all that in place you should be able to buy a one meter dish and FTA receiver for about $200 or so.

    found this discussion:

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    Ok, I stand corrected, if Tron said they wouldn't, they won't !!
    But, seems like I remember at some point, where there was a receiver which would.
    Maybe not though, sorry.

    Have a good Day !

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    Default Thanks for the replies, guys (I'm a poet ... yadda yadda)

    Thanks guys. I guess I'll just make extra scratch on the side and stay with FiOS. Cheers!

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