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    Default Article: Cablevision offers credit to customers who watch World Series online

    You can view the page at https://www.dtvusaforum.com/content.p...-Series-online

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    thank you

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    Credit just for the World Series? What about credit for all of the days that we've had missing channels?

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    Not great if grampa with no internet wants to watch the game. And for those that have internet, most will have to watch on their tiny computer screens. Still, better than nothing.

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    How ludicrous, the whole idea of watching television online. What the hell do we have tv sets for? Besides, aren't most people here watching tv for free anyway? Or is this an incorrect assumption? I get Fox for free and don't understand why everyone's still paying for cable or satellite. Actually, I do know why - they simply haven't been told how easy it is to get the free DTV ota (over-the-air).

    All of this stupid embroiling controversy swirling around pay-tv companies makes me crazy. I say just stop paying. It's stupid to pay when the free stuff is this great. All one needs is the right equipment, not those silly antennas sold at Wal-Mart either.

    The best antenna's are avail. only online. It's absurd because they (cable/satellite giants) are useless liars and crooks who are to blame for subscription payers not knowing about the free dtv. It's only been avail. since 2/2008, well over 2.5 years!

    Just sickening that they are getting away with murder while everyone's been brainwashed to believe that paying for tv is the only way. Aggravating too, trying to talk to brainwashed nitwits who can't think for themselves.

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