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    Default KUTV HD and KUVT 2.2 Channels in Vernal,Utah

    I have a digital tv antenna. I get about 17 channels. Until recently I was able to get KUTV HD and KUVT 2.2. Now I can not get those two channels. The other channels seem to be okay. I have rescanned multiple times and tried everything I can think of.

    Can you help me? I live in Vernal Utah.

    I don't know how to do the TVFool thing to look up my channels.

    Thank you

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    In Vernal, I suspect these are the stations you can see, except for KBCJ which isn't on the air:


    Does your TV or receiver allow you to directly tune to channels? Try tuning directly to channel 31 and see if you can use the signal meter to fine tune your antenna's positioning.

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    I had the same problem. I lost channel 5 Nashville TN about a month ago I did rescan and now channel 5 is back better than ever. I checked TV fool there are 2 channel 5s one is digital 50 the other is analog 5 they requested to change to a different frequency I beleive it was some where around 30 I'm sure if the change too place usually if you call the station they will tell you if any changes have been made and what you need to do at home to receive their station.

    3 weeks ago I lost channel 6. I did rescan it did not fix the problem. I tried several thing, I used a compass to make sure the antenna was aimed in the correct direction, double checked the wires signal is still jumpy 5% to 25%.

    I don't know what to tell you it may have something to do with cold weather or maybe the station reduced their power. Call the station and ask some questions.
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    To use the TVFOOL website, click this link: TV Fool and type in your information including your maximum antenna height above ground level. The website will provide a map showing where your areas' TV transmitters are in relation to you.

    Cut and save the resulting URL, then post it here. The software will automatically conceal your personal information.


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    Default Your problem could be...

    Hi, Cheryl...

    I live in Cache Valley Utah, and your problem may be due to a translator station being down. A translator is a low power transmitter that rebroadcasts a signal from the original station so you can watch, even if the original station is miles away over the mountains. Here in Utah, most of the translators are operated by your county. This winter weather makes it difficult to get up on the mountains to fix translators. Last week I lost 2 channels for 2 days, and yesterday I lost everything from Idaho (10 stations) for 6 hours.

    If re scanning channels doesn't work, check with someone who also gets their TV with an antenna - see if channel 2 is out for them too. If you can't confirm channel 2 with a friend or neighbor, then call your county offices, and find out who is responsible for the translators in your county. You may get bounced around on the phone for a while until they figure out who is responsible, but eventually you should be able to confirm if it's your antenna, or the county's transmitter.

    Check back in and let us know how it turned out.

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