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    Default Not getting good reception with antenna

    If you have suggestions, please give them. I have read some of the discussions here and went to this tvfool site. With my antenna, I should be getting several channels that I'm not. I'm not getting any of the 'yellow' ones and only about half of the green ones.

    TV Fool

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    A number of the listed stations are not actually operating at this time. Also note that only the stations with blue text are digital; any with purple text are still analog. These stations are actually on the air digitally (listed in the order of your TVFool plot):

    KVSN (48-1)
    KRDO (13-1)
    KTSC (8-1)
    KKTV (11-1)
    KXRM (21-1)
    KOAA (5-1)
    K30JM (5-1) - Same content as KOAA
    K31KM (12-1)
    KXTU (57-1) - Same content as KXRM 21-2, but in HD instead of SD

    If you are receiving all of those, you are receiving all of the available digital channels. If not, let us know and we'll start troubleshooting. We'll need to know what type of antenna you're using now, at a minimum.

    - Trip

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    Charlene 21,

    What are you currently using for an antenna at 15 feet above ground, per your TVFOOL report?


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    I'd be interested to know what antenna you're using, too. I am getting all my channels, including a channel 8 in the VHF-lo on a U75r from Radio Shack. You should need nothing more than that and DON'T use an amplifier. Those towers are pretty close to you, an amp would be bad with a signal that strong.

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    I don't know what the antenna is. I guessed at the height. Charts aren't my thing so maybe I am getting all I should. I just thought there should be more. I'm not very good at this antenna world. Thank you,.

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    Hi Charlene,

    I'm in Monument. There are currently 12 english language digital channels (not counting repeats) in Colorado Springs. Channel 5 broadcasts on both RF channel 30 and 42. You should have 5-1,5-2,8-1,8-3,11-1,11-2,12-1,12-2,12-3,13-1,21-1,21-2 (and CW57 again on channel 57.1, which should have better picture and sound). Also, channel 38 and 51 are still analog. Eventually KOAA plans to reprogram the channel 30 transmitter as its own channel(s). I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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