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    Default RCA Converter Box Instruction Manual?

    I have an RCA ATSC Converter Box that I got with my coupon. A year and a half later, Iím looking for the misplaced manual for it because the remote got sat on and managed to reset the brand code for the TV remote.

    Tried the RCA site, they donít even acknowledge that they ever manufactured such thing! (looked in their TV site, their AV site, and their Accessories site.)

    Can anyone route me a PDF copy of the manual? Please? I like this remote, and itís only been malfunctioning for a few hours (the box remote function works fine, and I tried changing the batteries in the remote.)

    Making me nuts.

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    I have tried and it is like the website was not updated or was being rebuilt from some kind of hacker attack.

    What model of RCA converter box do you have?

    I think have some manuals of the RCA ATSC converter box in my hard disk drive.

    I found the manuals, now here: http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/wgem/dtvmanuals/rca.pdf

    Best regards,

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    I need one too

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