3D Settings for Panosonic Users - DirecTV HDTV

For 3D Settings for Panosonic Users, relating to DirecTV Apps. I am using the Panasonic TC-P65VT25 65-inch and few nights ago I noticed that DirecTV 3D channels are now showing as a side by side image instead of the blurry normal 3D image. This is both for channels 103 and 106.

My TV 3D settings were on "Automatic" which would detect the DirecTV signal with no problem. All of a sudden I have to go an extra step and change my 3D input (from "Automatic" to "Side by Side" when I go to channel 103 or 106. Also when going from 3D back to 2D I have to switch my settings again to go back to "Automatic".

Why all the extra steps for the Panosonic users (the deal is between Panasonic and DirecTV) especially when it was working perfectly since inception about a month back.

It would be nice to see a fix.