3D TV: Anytime Soon?

Glassless 3D is available today for digital signage and advertising. However, the technology is not ready for TV yet because it would hurt or even damage the eyes (or at least give the viewer a bad headache) when viewed for extended periods.

This is why manufacturers are racing to be the first to offer glassless capability. Philips uses a technology it calls WOWvx. 3M and Toshiba also showed off glassless 3D screens at CES. 3M has created a thin-film technology that can be used to beam light selectively to the viewer’s right and left eyes.
3D TV: Coming not so soon to a living room near you | The Philippine Star >> Business Features >> Networks

Anyone else ready for 3-D Television? I thought for sure that we'd have hologram - holographic TVs by 2010, but then again, according to the shows and movies I used to watch, we were supposed to have a space ship traveling to the moons of Jupiter to make "Contract" with extraterrestrials. Guess I watched too many Sci-Fi movies growing up.

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