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Now, DIRECTV Calls 3D TV A 'Niche' Product

Now DIRECTV Calls 3D TV A 'Niche' Product

From the article:

"Earlier this week, News Corp COO Chase Carey told an industry conference that he doesn't believe 3D TV will be as successful as High-Definition TV. Carey added that 3D TV could wind up being just a niche product.

Now DIRECTV, one of 3D's biggest boosters, says it thinks 3D TV could only be a "niche product," reports Mediapost.com." ...

... "DIRECTV has invested heavily to add four 3D HDTV channels to its lineup, more than any other TV provider. However, sales of 3D TVs have been slow to date and consumer research indicates that many Americans are not interested in watching home television in 3D." ...
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