3D-TV: Most Viewers Don't Care


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Orlins’ problem is that fewer than 115,000 American homes are tuned into 3-D channels at any one time. That’s less than a hundredth of the 20.2 million-strong audience that saw television’s highest-rated show ‘‘NCIS’’ this week. 3-D viewership is so tiny that The Nielsen Co.’s methods are unable to capture any meaningful data about viewers’ programming preferences.
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Yes, and I don't expect it to change. 3D may be a thrill for the occasional movie, but for everyday viewing? 3D golf??? Give me a break!!! If I want to get sick to my stomach I'll go on a real roller coaster, and the last time I checked out 3D at an in-store display it didn't look good at all.


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Agreed. I have a hard enough time finding the motivation to get up and grab a soda out of the fridge. Putting on 3-D glasses and taking them off when I walk around the house is no good. It just doesn't look that good yet either. I'd prefer hologram TV.

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I don't mind 3-D, but to me it takes away from the picture quality.

My preference is picture quality above all else. When I put those 3-D glasses on, some of the sharp colors become dull IMHO.

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... 3D golf??? Give me a break!!! If I want to get sick to my stomach I'll go on a real roller coaster ...
LOL, that's rich!

Having road raced in my past, I'd love to see 3D video from in-car cameras. Formula-1, Indycars and NASCAR on Road Courses not circle-track toilet bowl racing.

Think about the James Garner movie Grand Prix. That would be terrific in 3D but I am certain many viewers couldn't sit through it. Add a decent home theater sound system (with audio horsepower) and it could be very realistic! V-rroom!



Now, I have to admit, I sometimes love home theater sound system... But mostly cause I don't hear for crap. So what seems loud to everyone else. Like for example, being a block away from a tornado siren. Might actually sound really really loud to someone who can hear well. But to me it basically doesn't sound loud enough. But as far as 3D, I might need glasses to be able to see, but I really don't think that 3D would do me any good considering that, if I take off my glasses to put on the 3D ones I can't see anyways. But putting them over my glasses I actually want to get sick. Now if I wanted to be sick, all I actually need to do, is be 28 weeks pregnant(Which i am) and be in a really hot room. That will do the trick. LOL