3M Streaming Projector Powered By Roku

Roku boxes have quickly replaced a lot of the standard set top boxes and even cable company boxes that filled the market just a few years ago. These small devices can stream practically any movie or show that a person could want, and do it anywhere, thanks to the portable size. To match that size and concept, 3m has devised their own Streaming Projector Powered By Roku.

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This package comes with a 3M brand projector and a Roku Stick. The projector itself is capable of creating a 120” wide screen image that is 3 times larger than most people’s televisions! It also includes a built in speaker to project sound, although it can be used with headphones or either external speakers if you like.

The small design is truly where this stands out. Everything that you need to take your entertainment with you is included in one single package. Since it uses the Roku stick, it also means that you can have access to 600 channels, a variety of games, any television or movie you could want, and anything else that a Roku can provide, all without being tied down to a wall outlet or even a house.

The projector includes a battery that can last for over 2 hours and lets you watch an entire movie, or more, with that. It can also run on a power adapter, although it still remains portable thanks to the small design and Roku stick usage. It is also wireless, making it even more convenient.

The added benefit of this project comes in the fact that the HDMI port allows you to put practically any video source on the big screen, although most users probably rely on their Roku for the vast majority of video streaming. Computers, phones, tablets, video game systems, and more all have HDMI ports now that hi definition is the standard and they can all function a little better with the help of a giant screen.

As far as function, it would appear that 3M has designed a projector that really does function well for the price and purpose. 720p video and streaming content for less than $200 is hard to beat, although it might not be suited to the most stringent audio/video standards that many people expect. The light is only registered at 60 lumens as well, which means that it can’t be used in any lit areas. Even with those two aspects, this is an option for someone who wants a simple video streaming solution and is interested in a Roku. It takes out all of the guesswork and allows users to project their video onto a large screen and host movie parties, play games with their friends, or just be lazy and binge watch their favorite shows on Netflix.

This projector is the beginning of the shift in the way that people look at these kinds of devices. Roku boxes are new, but they have gotten more popular than ever among people who just want to watch their shows and movies when they want, where they want.

More info about the 3M Roku Powered Projecor at 3M's Website.