4,000 hired to field telephone calls during Digital Transition


News from the DTV front. :)

A unit of Colorado call-center company TeleTech Holdings Inc. says it has hired 4,000 temporary workers to help television viewers with the transition to digital broadcasting.

TeleTech Government Solutions LLC, a division of Englewood-based TeleTech Holdings (NASDAQ: TTEC), said Monday it has been selected by the Federal Communications Commission to help field phone calls about the DTV transition.
The temporary TeleTech workers will staff FCC call centers to assist viewers before and after Friday's conversion deadline with converter-box installation questions and other problems.
TeleTech Government Solutions said it will provide support to consumers in English, Spanish and 113 other languages.
TeleTech hires 4,000 to field digital-TV calls - Denver Business Journal:


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I'm not surprised at all. I'll bet they get calls from people who don't even have a clue about what's going on. There's bound to be some. That's the same reason that Comcast hired extra people for the transition. They want to get calls from confused folks and sign them up.


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Exactly! The Comcast operator will probably tell them that they have to subscribe to cable in order to continue watching television
It's marketing. A local Jax station had a certain new talent doing their own digital PSA.

Comcast hired him to make a commercial for them, that even confused me at first. It starts off like a DTV transition PSA, then moves into a Comcast ad.

Oh course it looks more real since the talent that made the real DTV PSAs did the Comcast commercial.

The overall effect is it looks like the station is saying forget antennas and get cable and problems over.


Good! 4000 U.S. workers instead of 4000 Indian workers... Great news I've heard today.

My folks are breaking down to get Verizon FIOS. Made all my work setting up the converters a waste of time. I might be without Internet unless I can get Internet access without unneeded "drivers." I'm a total stranger with FIOS. I hope to keep my antenna. I will NOT take apart a FIOS box, like I've done with the converters, as it might have a tamper-seal circuit.