4 Most Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

One of the most popular winter sports is Netflix Bingeing. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and emotional strength to binge watch a show and only the best survive a weekend of non-stop, episode-after-episode Netflix watching.

As a (self proclaimed) world-gold-medalist of Netflix Bingeing, I'd like to present to you, my top 4 binge-worthy Netflix show and how long it will take to watch them.

4. Grey's Anatomy

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For as many times as I have watched Grey's Anatomy, I could have a few Ph.D's and preform open heart surgery.

The Synopsis:
Grey's Anatomy follows primarily the life of Dr. Meredith Grey, an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, through her internship and then residency as a doctor. You'll get a taste of surgeries, medical mysteries, steamy affairs, mommy-issues/daddy-issues, heart-warming love, heart-shredding breakups, awesome character nicknames (McSteamy! McDreamy! The Nazi! 007!), and everything you could want in an evening Soap Opera.

How Long Will It Take:
The show has been around for 11 seasons, 10 of which are available on Netflix. There are 220 episodes available. At roughly 45 minutes each, you will need 165 hours or about 7 straight days and 4 boxes of Kleenex to watch Grey's Anatomy in its entirety.


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I'll admit, I didn't watch Friends when it was on in real-time in the 90's. It was likely because I wasn't quite of the age where what they were doing resinated with my life. Now in my 30's, I can appreciate the daily struggles of trying to make a living, pay rent, find love, and not fall apart in your 20's.

The Synopsis:
Friends follows 6, well, friends, as they navigate their lives in New York City. No one likes spoilers, but I will say that you'll laugh out loud at some of the jokes, pick up new life-skills (may not be healthy ones), and also realize that your life really isn't as bad as you think.

How Long Will It Take:
Friends was around for 10 seasons. All 235 episodes are available. They're about 25 minutes each. You'll need 98 hours or just over 4 days to watch all of Friends. You will also need a Pinterest account because there are so many quotable quotes in the show that you'll want to relive.

2. Dexter

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This one is going to require some serious dedication and probably is the most addicting of the list. I always tell friends who want to get into Dexter to try watching the first 3 episodes. If you hate it, then don't go any further. Honestly, I knew the first episode that I was hooked.

The Synopsis:
Dexter Morgan is a blood-spatter analyst for Miami Police Department by day, and by night, he cleans up the streets of Miami in his own way: Killing people. His targets are people who have committed crimes and, for one reason or another, have gotten away with it. Once you see Dexter and how he's a handsome, well-mannered yet awkward but manages to pull off some pretty serious kills of people who arguably deserve it, you'll probably find yourself loving America's Favorite Serial Killer.

How Long Will It Take:
There are 8 seasons of Dexter and 96 episodes. Each episode is around 55 minutes. You're going to need 88 hours or just over 3.5 days to finish the show. You should also factor in some "analyzation time" because some episodes are going to make you feel things and question life.

1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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The interesting thing about this show is that many people don't really understand why they like it as much as they do. Each episode may have you think: "I really don't like these people", but at the end, you'll find yourself moving right along to the next one.

A friend of mine said it best: "I think a lot of the humor is from shadenfreude. "Look how messed up these people are. My life is pretty good."

The Synopsis:
A group of 30-something friends acting much younger than they are, getting into unbelievable situations, falling down and getting hurt, saying ridiculous things, and running a bar in the city of BroLo. (Philadelphia). Also, there's Danny DeVito.

How Long Will It Take:
There are 9 seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix. That's 103 episodes at about 20 minutes a piece. You'll only need 34 hours or about 1.5 days to complete the series.

Once you binge your way through this list (you'll need 385 hours or 16.04 days), we'll update the list with Netflix's latest and greatest binge-worthy shows.