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    Default NAB Puts Out Call For Action!!!

    Forces in Congress are trying to sneak incentive auctions into the pending debt ceiling bill without protections for broadcasters or their viewers. You can go here to take action.

    The Future of TV: Tell Congress to Protect Local TV and Keep Communities Safe

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    The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) began running the above commercial in the Seattle market on my CBS affiliate last evening, 07/16/11.

    Update: Its also being run on KSTW-11, a local independent station.
    *Hey Folks, if you want to be able to receive free TV on your small kitchen TV set or when you are out in the sticks camping ... you better let your Congress people know how you feel, ASAP.

    1) TV channels used to go up to channel 83, but those were taken away ...
    2) Then, TV channels went up to channel 69, but those were taken away ...
    3) Currently, channels go to 51 and they want to take 20 more away from you.
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