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    Default Mohu Leaf Indoor HD Antenna

    Has anyone tried the Mohu Leaf TV antenna yet? Is it any good?

    My local newspaper did a little review on it Review: Mohu Leaf indoor HDTV antenna - KansasCity.com and said it was a worthy buy. Wonder what you the antenna gurus think of it here. Especially before I fork over $40.

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    We've seen the reviews, but nobody on this forum has yet tried one - probably because most of us already have serious outdoor antennas. And the $40, of course!

    But we do know its strengths and limitations, so if you go to the TV Fool map tool and enter your location and antenna height, then post the resulting link (in bold at the top of your results) back here along with some information about where you live - house / apartment, construction of the building, n/s/e/w side of your building, etc, we can give you some help determining if it's right for you.

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    The Leaf is optimized for UHF reception. It will receive strong VHF signals, but it isn't designed to pick up weaker VHF signals. Since the digital (virtual) channels displayed by a TV don't corrispond to the actual broadcast channels anymore you need to check a database like TV Fool or RabbitEars.Info to find the real radio frequency channels your local stations broadcast on. Real channels 2-6 are low VHF and the leaf will probably not pick those up unless your within just a few miles (2 or 3) of the towers. Real channels 7-13 are high VHF and the leaf may pick those up if you are in a strong green tvfool zone. Real channels 14-51 are UHF and what the leaf was designed for, but again performance is based on the signal strength in your particular area.

    P.S. I haven't actually tried the leaf ($40 is a lot for an experiment) but I'm basing my comments on the manufacture's specifications and my own general reception experience.
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    I've used the Leaf and the most impressive thing is that you see true uncompressed HD television.
    Like many I didn't realize cable compresses the HD signal causing a degradation of the signal.
    The Mohu Leaf brings a sharpness and sparkle I didn't know existed as well as a lot of channels.
    Check this video I saw on YT Buy Indoor Antenna HDTV Mohu Leaf Installation and Review-USA Made . - YouTube

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    Fact: any antenna used to receive FREE over-the-air television including a coat hanger in some situations, will produce superior images on an HDTV screen compared to Cable or Satellite reception. If an antenna can "see a signal" the result will be visually better than any paid-for service. In some locations only a paper-clip is the best antenna to use.

    * Forum Member HighDefJeff said it best: "If your HDTV doesn't make you say WOW ... something is wrong".

    Ironically, the Coat Hanger Antenna shown above might out-perform the Mohu Leaf. The photo above shows one outdoors in the sky where the TV signals do not have to penetrate roofs and walls and are not reflected around a home by kitchen stoves, refrigerators and even your bathtub.

    I am glad your Mohu antenna works for you, but it certainly is not the best choice in the majority of applications, nor is a coat hanger or a paper-clip.

    I would be interested in seeing your TV Fool report to learn why it works for you. Please post the resulting URL from that website for us to study. All of us can learn from your testing.

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