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    Question How Do I Connect My DVD Recorder to my Comcast Cable Box?

    I have a Panasonic DMR-E75V VHS/DVD Recorder, my Comcast Cable HDTV box is a DCT5100, and my TV is a Sony Grand Wega KDF-42WE655. I want to hook-up my VHS/DVD Recorder to my cable box in order to record from the cable box. It used to record over antenna signals, but those are gone now since the change over to digital. If anyone knows how to accomplish this, I would appreciate it.

    I don't know how much longer I am going to stick with this VHS/DVD recorder because it wants to randomly shut off. Its done it since new, but I was told it wasn't worth fixing. So, I've learned to live with it until I get a DVR, haha.

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    If you are using a HDTV, chances are you can just hook up the input of the DVD/VCR to the composite (yellow, white, red) output of the cable box and connect the HDTV to the HDMI output of the cable box. Connect the output of the DVD recorder to another input on your TV and switch it that way. You have to see if this works because some devices disable analog outputs when HDMI is being used. You can verify this by switching the TV to the DVD recorder input then turning on the cable box. You should see what's showing on the cable box (at lower resolution).

    Comcast's website may have some directions on how to connect stuff. My cable company has a technical info page that shows various connections:

    SE Cable, Sparta Area
    de N2RJ

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