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    Default How to change your hdtv's tuner to air instead of cable?

    I'm really new to this antenna TV watching and since I've canceled my cable service, I've been told that I need to switch my TV over to "air". How do I do that?

    Right now I get no channels.

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    It's somewhere in your "menu" or "setup".

    If you have a manual, consult it. If you don't, look up the manufacturer and model online for a manual.

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    Yeah, man. It's in your menu somewhere. Mine is inside the "CH SETUP". One you get in there, the top line has two choices. TV or CABLE. I have to pick TV now, since I cancelled cable TV. Not all TV's say "air." Each one has its own little language. Just like different software programs.

    Once you switch to TV or AIR, you'll have to do a rescan. The tuner doesn't know where all those wonderful over-the-air channels are. I'm assuming you have some kind of antenna hooked up. The antenna also makes a huge difference.


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    What the above posters said, and just to add, look on your TV remote for the "Input" button and press it until it says "Air" or "Antenna". Make sure you do a channel scan too because it is pretty much mandatory with a TV with built-in HD tuner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron62 View Post
    Make sure you do a channel scan too because it is pretty much mandatory with a TV with built-in HD tuner.
    A scan is required for ANY converter box or TV with a digital tuner.

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