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    Default is angus t. jones leaving two and a half men?

    On the way home from work tonight I heard that Two and a Half Men had been renewed but the DJ on the radio said something about Angus Jones and I wasn't sure if he's going to be back too? Does anybody know?

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    Angus is coming back, in fact, he's receiving a raise, lol.

    Network Renewals and Cancellations: ‘Two and a Half Men’ Will Be Back - ABC News

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    Just to backup Aaron, it looks like Jon Cryer also signed on for another season as well as Angus T. Jones,

    Ashton Kutcher returning to 'Two and a Half Men' - CNN.com

    Anybody else remember Cryer in a few 80's movies? Pretty in Pink and Hiding Out to name a couple.

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    Yes, they are all back and yep, I remember Cryer from his movie days. He did quite a lot before settling down to a TV series.

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