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    Default When is Comcast getting Fuel TV

    I've been a longtime fan of UFC fights and since Fuel TV has been broadcasting a lot of the popular fights lately, it would be nice if Comcast could actually add this channel to their lineup. Does anyone know if and when Fuel TV is coming to Comcast? I really hope to see it coming soon.

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    Fuel TV coming to Comcast in the Pacific Northwest is a highly guarded secret. They are currently in negotiations. The last I heard about 90 days ago, was that it is coming to Comcast in the 4th quarter of 2012... But, this is not hard and fast at this point. It is possible it might be the 1st quarter of 2013... Lets hold our breath and hope its here soon...

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    Default need fuel tv

    i will be leaving comcast very soon if fuel tv is not add famley and friends 2 tku freddie

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