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    Default Connect Insignia DVD player, to Cox 8300 DVR, to OLD Magnavox TV

    Hello, I have an OLD Maganavox TV which has no connections except for a coax cable port. Currently a Cox Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR is connected to the old TV. I just purchased a cheap Insignia DVD player and can not figure out how to connect. The DVD player came with one set of wires in red, yellow and white which are glued together. I am very techincally challenged. Can someone help me? I would like to watch DVDs on this TV.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you have a Cox Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR, I'm assuming you have Cox cable? If your TV is connected to cable, you won't need a converter box unless you want to just have the converter box as a backup?

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    Hello Kristin,

    Welcome to the forum! You could try a basic a/b switch. Connect the SA dvr to one coax input and the dvd player to the other coax input. Connect the output of the switch to your tv. Put the switch in position A when you want to watch programing from the dvr and put the switch in the B position when you want to watch a dvd. A/B switches are inexpensive (<$10).



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