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    Default How many channels can I get in Los Angeles with antenna?

    Thinking about cutting the cable cord and switching to TV by antenna and supplementing with a Roku box. How many channels can I get in LA right now if I put up an outdoor roof antenna?

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    First, you need to run a free antenna survey here: TV Fool then post the resulting URL on this page for us to study. Be sure to include the maximum height where you can locate your antenna and use either your GPS co ordinance or street address: the software will automatically your personal location in the result for your security.

    Then, using your survey results we can make antenna recommendations based on your specific needs.


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    I would also recommend checking out Trip's excellent site: RabbitEars.Info. It lists all the stations in your market.
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    The short answer is there are a lot of free digital channels in the L.A area (70+). Many are foreign language, but they also will include all the major broadcast networks, PBS, and a lot of niche and classic programming. It will depend on your location and antenna equipment.
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    DO NOT install antennas anywhere where they could fall into overhead power lines!!! An antenna falling into power lines may result in electrical shock or death. All outdoor antennas must be grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Be careful while working on roofs or towers. Always use appropriate safety precautions!!!

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