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    Default Problems using Timed Channel Switching and display info

    Hello everyone, My first post:

    When I am watching a program on AUD (any of the 10 or so channels it is on), The Weather Channel 362, or
    ESPN2HD Channel 209 and I have another channel set to auto tune after the one that is playing, it does not autotune to the next channel.

    Does anyone know how to get my DirecTV HD Receiver Modle: H20-100 to actually switch to another channel from AUD,
    ESPN2HD, or the Weather Channel, as programmed?

    One other problem I have is: my receiver does not display the Day, Month, and Year of the original showing of each program in the Channel Lineup. I have a really old receiver (1990S vintage), that Directv will not allow me to use anymore, that displays all this information, so, I know this information is being broadcast. Must I get another Receiver? If so, which one?

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Try separating the end/start times by 1 minute. Or if you have your settings to start recording a program early, eliminate that.
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    Thanks SW Houston. In the past I have seperated the start times by 5 min. 15 Min. 30 Min. and one hour. Same result, it will not retune to the next timed channel. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Perhaps I have a bad Sat. Receiver

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