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    Default Converter Box Coupons for 2013?

    I am in need of the converter box now, three years later. Is there still a valid program for the converter box coupons? I cannot afford cable tv and need to get the converter box and inside antenna. They are too expensive even in stores……….any help out there? Thanks!

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    There are no programs offering coupons to pay for a portion of the converter box. In fact, most converter boxes are not new at all. You can go on ebay or craigslist to get a converter box, or maybe your local Best Buy, or maybe Walmart. This goes got everyone; the coupon program from the government ended 4 years ago, & was meant to make sure we'd still get OTA TV by June 12th 2009 (earlier for some stations in the same market, & February 17, 2009 for markets that stuck with the original shutoff date). If you didn't take advantage of the program back in 2008, you're out of luck, & stop whining that you need help paying for your box. You'll have to pay full retail price for yours if you still need one (what few are left). Most retailers only carried them long enough for the transition to digital, then stopped carrying them after they ran out. The other option is a new TV.

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    Actually there are still retailers who sell new-in-box converter boxes. I'm not sure of this forum's policy on referring to outside web sites, so I don't want to post the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solid Signal View Post
    Actually there are still retailers who sell new-in-box converter boxes. I'm not sure of this forum's policy on referring to outside web sites, so I don't want to post the link.
    Not many big box stores carry SD converter boxes anymore. My local Walmart stores carry a few RCA DTV boxes, but they're refurbished. The local Best Buy stores carry none at all. Even my local Sears, Taarget, & Kmart stores don't carry them anymore. Meijer sells a few, but they're even planning to phase them out at the local level. The best bet is ordering them online.

    To Solid Signal: I do know what I'm taking about local to me. I know you agree with me that there are no government sponsored coupon programs for paying for the converter boxes. We already know your own site is one that still sells the boxes. I might get an HDTV converter box when I can get a projector, & get a home theatre set up (HDTV converter boxes weren't included in the original offer). I've already bought 2 antennas (Winegard HD-1080 in 2009 & Antennas Direct DB8 last month) & use both in my antenna setup.

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    You must live in a weird area. Here, you can get them at Fred Meyer's, Walmart, Kmart, Bi-Mart, and Radio Shack. I'll admit that the brand range isn't what it once was, but all the big stores carry them.

    To the original poster: I'd check eBay or Amazon. I'm in the same situation of replacing one, and old ones float around on eBay for 30 bucks or so including shipping. Other than that, try Craigslist or the local thrift shops.

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    Just go to Radio Shack....one store no one seemed to mention, which is why they are going out of business. They still sell them for $50 a shot. As the previous poster mentioned craigslist is another option, just have to be patient with that one though.

    BTW dave....no one disagreed with you about the government program. But I think everyone agrees that you were quite an a$$hole in your original answer. If you can't figure that one out then you may not be as smart as you try to sound.

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    U can buy it at your local pawnshops for about $20.00 bucks

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    Default Sdtv converters

    Thrift stores around here have them. 3$-$20

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    I think its time to start thinking about a new TV rather than a converter box. Prices are low, and the picture is HD. At some point that old TV is going to give out and you'll need to buy a new one anyway. Then you'll be stuck with a converter box you have no use for.

    If you must get a converter, get one that doubles as a DVR and has HD output for the same price. Here's two that I own:
    iView 3500STBII
    HW-150PVR HomeWorx ATSC Digital TV Converter Box

    Both are quite similar, both under $50, and both record to a USB drive.

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