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    Default Winegard FlatWave thoughts?

    I live less than 10 miles from broadcast towers. Have decent reception now with a set of bunny ears but want to add an additional HDTV in another room. Is the Winegard FlatWave any good as an alternative to bunny ears? I can pick one up from my local Costco for pretty cheap.

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    As an educated guess, I'd say that it will depend on what frequencies your local stations broadcast on. The bunny ears (which are probably a bunny ear loop combo) would do better on VHF (especially low VHF) and the Flatwave will do better on UHF. You can find out which frequencies your stations are using by running a report at TV Fool and realing the "Real" column of the report. That is the actual RF channel the station broadcasts on. Real channels 2-6 are VHF low, real channels 7-13 are VHF high, and real channels 14-51 are UHF.
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    The Winegard Flatwave outperforms the Mohu Leaf in independent tests, and both outperform rabbit ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solid Signal View Post
    The Winegard Flatwave outperforms the Mohu Leaf in independent tests, and both outperform rabbit ears.
    Agreed! And your HD-Blade is a nice way to package the Flatwave, though I think quad sheilded RG-6 (white or black, 4 - 20 ft.) would be a better choice for the coax. JMHO.

    Nice to see a company deliver the straight dope on amplifying indoor antennas.


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