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    Default looking for DVR capability

    Hello, wanted to drop in and ask a question, figured this would be the best place.

    I'm currently using a Digital Stream converter box to watch TV.

    I would like to get a DVR that I can plug my antenna into. So basically a DVR with a built in tuner...

    Im having trouble finding many options though, not sure if Im not looking in the right places or what...despite being in my 20s, my frugal lifestyle keeps me behind the technology curve haha.

    So far Ive found the Channel Master unit, and Tivo....the CM unit is a bit more than Im looking to spend....the low-end Tivo seems a bit more in my price range, but I dont want to pay a monthly subscription (hence why Im watching over the air TV to start with)

    So any suggestions? Id like to keep it under $150 dollars...but maybe thats asking too much?

    I dont record often, but I probably would if it was easier...right now when I do want to record, I break out my trust VCR and hook it to the converter box

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    You might try this:
    Magnavox HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, 500GB

    Get the Magnavox 500GB HDD and DVD Recorder for less at Walmart.com. Save money. Live better.0

    Granted, it's $248, but there aren't many choices out there. (Think of the money you're not paying the cable company, and it's very easy to justify spending $250!)
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    Another choice if you have a network and a Roku is Simple.tv. Word on the street is that it has resolution problems when running through the Roku, and you must provide your own hard drive, but it is another option.
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    littlehoov, welcome to the Forum I've done the standard DVR using the RW disk and just reformatting them every so often. That's really a pain, and, you would (trust me) be a lot happier if you could get a unit with a Hard Drive. They come in various sizes (the larger the capacity the more expensive) but you could search around on EBay or another "discount" location, and maybe find a DVR-Hdd that was within your budget. Good Luck

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    Thanks for the input. Not sure what Im going to do just yet. I may end up needing to get another antenna before I worry about such things.

    Theres one channel I cant seem to pick up, whereas my neighbors who live literally about 100 yds away, can get it just fine. But they have a directional antenna, and I have an outdoor omni.....but then someone I know has an old antenna they said I could have....so we shall see.

    Im making a big deal over one station, because its the local Fox station, and not only do I like Fox, but they carry the NFL games I want to watch!

    Thanks though, its nice to know there are at least a couple options. I have very little access to high speed internet, and thanks to Verizon, it may be going away altogether, so anything network based isnt an option.

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    Without knowing exactly what your reception availability's are, anything is a shot in the dark. Fill out the form for your location analysis, and then post it back here, where we can given you the correct antenna for your location, or, tell you approximately what to expect from a given antenna (that give me). Go here...TV Fool

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