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    Default How to turn off DirecTV screen saver?

    Is there a way to turn off the screen saver that pops up after so many minutes? It's so annoying that I have to press a button on the remote to get it to go back to what I was watching.

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    I think perhaps disabling power saver will disable the screen saver:

    Click the MENU button on your remote, select Settings, and then select Power Saving. To turn off the power-saving feature, select Off.

    I may be wrong, since its been years since I had DirecTV. Anyone else on the forum have an answer for our guest?

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    Angry Screen Saver is different Than Power Saver

    This does not disable screen saver. DTV suggests pressing info every hour to hour and a half to prevent it and be able to keep record options. This is the most ignorant feature for a playing/moving picture. It is not going to burn the Mavs game into my tv screen!! UGH

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    There are some tips in this direcTV forum post:
    HR34/700 - how do we turn off screen saver?&nbs... | DIRECTV Technical Forums
    But I did not see a solution to turn off the screen saver.
    Some "How To's" for those who need help streaming content:
    Getting Netflix on Your TV
    Fixing Hulu Streaming Issues
    Get the Amazon Fire TV on Your TV

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    totally unacceptable.

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    After the power saving is on it turns to black screen and will not turn on unless i push the on button and it turns off tv. i turn on the on button again to turn on the tv. and it goes away.

    I don't like the DirecTV screen saver!

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    DTV scams you

    Default DTV F'ing us and our customers

    I have customers that their houses were wired years ago before HDMI. Some are component and others are composite while others are a modulated signal on channels we created.
    First they took away the ability to watch HD 1080i at local tv while watching a remote TV (menu and guide give the retarded "Press and hold exit) to change resolution.
    Then the stupid screensaver that pops up when you don't do anything for an hour or two. Power saver and scrolling are off.
    We built your company and now your F'ing us and our customers by this garbage.
    Guess we will start doing FTA and the like.
    It costs less and you get so much more.
    I knew things would get worse when AT&T hijacked DTV and I was right.
    Call their service number. IF you can get someone that you can understand, good luck.
    Youre F'ing yourselves by wasting money on DTV

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    No it wont

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    Larry R

    Cool how to turn off the screen saver that autonacticly comes on after a couple of hours

    I'm having the same problem. I have an HR44 Genie this problem seem to be just a couple of months old. I check and saw that the firmware of the box was updated 11-10 @ 3:00 AM. It seem that this is when the problem started.
    Direct tech support has been no help. the last tech person I spoke with said to also check on twitter. I don't tweet but I may have to now. If you find a solution PLEASE post it.

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    Default Thank you

    It's still the same in 2017. Thanks. Lol.

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    Default Vexed

    It is now September 2017. I'm a new DirecTV subscriber and my screen saver turns on about every 15 minutes while actively watching live TV. Um... what?????? Has this really been going on for as long as this thread states and without a solid solution?

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