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    Default Sound Experts - Please help with Digital Sound.

    Hi Guys,

    This is a great site and I look forward to many days spent on here.

    I am hoping you can help direct me in the right and hopefully I can figure this issue out.

    My cable provider, which is a small town no name provider that no one has heard of offers analog and digital tv.

    For their digital tv they offer scientific atlanta boxes.

    My issue is with sound.

    Analog channels everything works fine.

    Now with digital channels many people can get all there channels without having one of there boxes. Simply having a new lcd/plasma tv they scan digital channels and everything works perfectly.

    My issue is when I scan the channels I get them all. Picture is fine but no sound. My 42 inch is some older no name brand and I presume I don't have the proper sound decoder.

    However the digital Over the air channels like fox hd both picture and sound work. So true digital is working it is only all the channels my cable provider that are not working.

    Anyone have any idea what the issue can be? My tv has no audio menu and when I click the audio button on the remote it is just a blank screen for those channels. On OTA Fox HD audio says "other" and for anolog channels it says "mono/stero"

    So is there any adapter or piece I can use to decode my providers digital sound?

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    From all my reading looks like I need a QAM tuner. Anyone know the cheapest one and what stores sell them?

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    ISSUE Resolved I figured it out. Need a QAM tuner

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