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    Default HBO Go on Roku and DirecTV

    I signed a 2-year contract with DirecTV last week and just found out that I don't have access to HBO Go through my Roku player.

    HBO On-demand doesn't even close to offering the same content that HBO Go does. I know that other cable networks DO offer HBO Go through Roku.

    Does anyone know when DirecTV if or when it will let us Roku owners use HBO Go?

    Frustrated with this.

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    A lot of providers - for example, Comcast - were slow to get onboard with HBO Go. Eventually, Comcast allowed its customers HBO Go access.

    Here's a little "hack" for you: you can stream HBO Go on your computer if you have DirecTV, but not on your Roku. The solution is to stream HBOGO via your computer to the Roku. The app is called PlayOn and it basically uses a Silverlight hack via your computer to stream HBOGO to your Roku.

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    I believe you can also use airPlay with an Apple TV. I personally haven't tried it even though I have HBO Go on my iPhone... PlayOn will work but in my experience it overcompresses the content.

    DirecTV doesn't allow HBO Go on Roku. Since they support it on Samsung smart TVs it's probably because they want you to buy one or lease one of their genie mini C31 clients and get the $6/month fee. That's the only explanation I can think of.
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    I can confirm, that you can use Airplay to stream HBO GO, with an Apple TV, either from an iPhone or Ipad.

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    Yes, they added this functionality recently, I think within the last month.
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