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    Default How do you connect 2 TVs to 1 DVD player?

    I have two TVs in separate rooms, but are close enough to connect to a single DVD player. How can I connect both of them so that I can play a movie on my DVD player and watch it from either TV?

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    Hmm, it might just be easier to move the DVD player back and forth if you're watching in one room more than the other.

    If you want to connect both TVs, it'll depend on the DVD player since DVD players have different input types. Purchase a 1-to-2 AV splitter, which can essentially split the signal two ways, and then connect both TVs through the splitter.

    Make certain that you get the correct type of splitter based upon your signal type. For example, your DVD player may need either a composite or HDMI splitter type.

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    A wireless option would be to split the signal as O-O recomended and use a Terk LeapFrog. It will require a coaxial splitter. Mine works great!


    Terk LF-30S Leapfrog Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver System - Smarthome
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    I don't know what you want to achieve, but I have 2 ideas other than what the guys have suggested already.

    1. Buy another DVD player. there are a few good ones going for $20-$30 - watch for sales.

    2. Buy a portable DVD player that has video out. You can start a movie anywhere and plug it in to a TV anywhere.

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