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    Default Plex vs Playon

    I'm trying to decide on whether a Playon subscription is worth the cost vs Plex which is free. I've tried Plex for a few days, and it seems limited as far as the kind of content I get. Question is, is Playon worth the cost for getting ABC, Adult Swim, and other shows that normally isn't available?

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    I have both and use both - but more often PlayOn. Why not? Plex excels at delivering content from your PC, while PlayOn is better at online viewing. PlayOn has a lot of plug-ins (playonplugins.com/‎) and scripts (www.playonscripts.com/‎), while Plex has a nice interface for your video collection.

    If you're wondering if PlayOn is worth it, the answer is YES. They used to offer a 14 day trial, but now they have a 30 day money back guarantee. Use it for 30 days, and if you don't like it they put the money back on your credit card. It's worth the $49.99 for a lifetime license, but they have a special offer for Roku owners: $39.99 lifetime PlayOn license for Roku owners.

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