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    Default Move DirecTV receiver to a different room?

    Is it possible to move a DirecTV receiver to a different room with a cable outlet already installed? I've never had DirecTV installed in this other room, it was a cable outlet left over from the cable company from a few years back.

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    Yes it is possible to move a Directv receiver from one room to another room. There is some key factors in this process.

    1.) The room you are moving the receiver into must have the coaxial cable, which has to be connected to the dish. A old coaxial cable that you had with previous cable might not be connected to the dish which would cause an issue.

    2.) If you have a swm power inserter which is a small black box about the size of a chalkboard eraser with a green light on it which says "Power to SWM" and "Signal to IRD" which would be connected to your coaxial cable going into your receiver. if that's connected to the receiver you are moving you can't take that power inserter with you it has to stay connected to the coaxial cable that it was installed on or you will receiver an OSD 775 on all receivers.

    3.) If you don't have a swm power inserter this means you have a multiswitch which in shorthand means if you are using a DVR you will most likely have two coaxial cables coming from your dish to your DVR which gives you the option for the two tuners. So if you are moving a DVR into a room where a standard receiver is you will most likely only have one coaxial cable coming from the wall which will only allow one tuner to be used which will cause problems if you record and watch tv.

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    Default Best left to professional installers

    Yes and no. It's possible to move a directv receiver, depending on setup, to another room with a DIRECTV connection.
    BUT, you wrote that this room has an old cable coaxial jack. Your directv signal and your dish will most likely NOT be connected to the old cable jack. So, no, you can't move the receiver to that room without first having a jack that's connected to your dish installed. It's best if this is done professionally.

    Even if the new room location is connected to the dish already, if you have a SWiM, depending on how many receivers you have with how many tuners, in which locations in your residence, connected to which sides of the SWiM... If you move the receiver to a side of the SWiM already connected to a few receivers, you could overdrive your SWiM. (You'll get OSD 777 Searching for Sat. Signal or something similar randomly at different times and on random different channels. There will be a pattern, but it will be indiscernible via observation or troubleshooting.) When it's all said and done, unless you're very, very proficient with these types of hardware, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

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    Default Question

    When will I get charged for switching my DVR to a different room? Over the phone? Or on my next bill?

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