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    Default Does the Roku work on an old TV?

    I have an older model Television, but I would like to get a Roku. Will a Roku work with my older model TV?

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    Yes it should work on your old TV. Roku boxes come with hook ups including composite cables (red white and yellow connectors) so as long as your TV has an input for Composite cables, then it should work.

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    The Roku3 won't work with older TVs (it only has HDMI out, no composite), but the Roku2 has composite out for older TVs.
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    Just in case there's some confusion...

    Composite Cabling is/are the three Coax Cables with RCA Male Plugs, colored Yellow (video), White and Red (audio).

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    What I like about the Roku 2 and LT models is that I can take them w/ me, and use them on any TV with the HDMI or the composite break-out cable.

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