4k Genie Mini Required Even With DIRECTV4K Ready TV? - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, 4k Genie Mini Required Even With DIRECTV4K Ready TV? We purchased a DirecTV 4K Ready TV last week (Samsung UN65KS8000). I called DirecTV to activate 4K on Friday, and the CSR insisted that even though we have a DirecTV certified 4K Ready TV, we also need a 4K Genie Mini. The documentation on the DirecTV site clearly states that 4K will require a HD DVR Model HR54 and that the 4K Genie Mini Model C61K is required IF you do not have DirecTV 4K Ready TV. We are eligible for an upgrade which will include a Genie HD DVR HR54 as well as 3 regular Genies. So with this 4K TV, we thought we would be ready to go. BTW, the 4k Genie Mini is an extra $99 plus tax. That's not a showstopper, but do we need it or not with a DirecTV certified 4K TV? Why disconnect between the documentation on the website and Customer Service?


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Hi there- I am a local DIRECTV dealer and our experience has been that NO you don't require a 4K mini Genie for your Samsung 4K ready TV however-you do HAVE to have the 4K Genie model HR54 and the proper LNB placed on your satellite dish to allow for the 4K programming that will come in the future. Most likely a technician will be required to set that up. Right now you can get 3 designated 4K channels as long as you subscribe to the ULTIMATE or PREMIER package option. Unfortunately you still have to call in to DIRECTV to have the RVU (built in 4K DIRECTV ready feature). I would recommend calling again and pushing for a tech supervisor if they continue to say the same thing. My installer would recommend to use a 4K mini Genie simply to avoid having to constantly getting frustrated with having to select the right menu option within your TV settings when you want the 4K access on the TV- but it's really up to you. I hope this has been helpful.