4K ready tv set up - DirecTV

I currently have a Genie HR44 and a CR51 mini, plus two HD-DVRs. We just purchased a 4K ready tv (with RVU) and from what I know I can upgrade the HR44 to a HR54 without the need for a CR61 mini. That's good, because I don't want to add a 5th receiver and want to continue using my existing CR51 in a floating fashion. It seems however that I must give one of the receivers up if I intend on adding the RVU to the mix. What I'm curious about is, can I replace my bedroom HD-DVR with the HR54 and still use that in conjunction with the RVU TV downstairs? Doesn't the HR54 communicate with the RVU over the network? (using a DECA BB?) How does the RVU capable TV actually get it's directv information: over the LAN or the cable connection (what would I need to connect the TV to?)

Does the RVU interface on the TV look just like a DirecTV DVR GUI?

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