On Friday, November 25th I attempted to download a 4K movie. However, I received the message "There was a problem downloading...". Other 4K content such as documentaries, etc. download with no problem. It is only when I try to purchase a 4K download do I experience this problem. Other non-4K movies for purchase work just fine.

I called technical support and I was told that Directv was working on the problem. A trouble incident report was logged, but I have received no response since Friday. Pretty bad considering there a paying customers trying to access a service. I surmise that since there are limited numbers of 4K subscribers, this is not considered a significant event for it to be resolved quickly. HOWEVER, I am paying for 4K service through having to subscribe to the ultimate package and would would think that Directv would treat this as significant.

I'm disappointed in the response I have received to this problem. Furthermore, Directv needs to work on more live content for their 4K Live channel (104) in order to retain and attract more viewership. The subscribers that pay for the service are not getting what they paid for.

This question, "4K SERVICE LEAVES A LOT TO BE DESIRED!," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.