4K TV - Technical questions, Xfinity frustration



Howdy - First, my Xfinity set up as it currently is:


* 1Gb speed package
* Own my own modem and router (modem is a SB8200, router is a Asus AX88U)


* 3 TVs with Xfinity boxes
* Living Room - 4K TV with a XG1v4-A DVR (which already supports 4K, this was news to me today)
* Basement - 4K TV with a XiD-P Xfinity box which is not 4K capable
* Master Bedroom - 1080p TV with a XiD-P Xfinity box. 4K is not necessary here obviously


I really didn't even realize Xfinity had 4K service available yet until, in the cable box settings on my basement TV, I see a message that I can upgrade my equipment for no fee to support 4K. The TV tells me I can order the necessary box right from the TV interface but when I attempt to do this it says I need to call Xfinity customer service.

The I went through 3 agents ( cold transfers, so wonderful), each of them giving me different answers why they could not simply replace my XiD-P Xfinity box for the basement TV with a 4K capable model, at least not without changes to the rest of my set up.

The first agent was initially hung up on the fact that I own my own modem and router. She seemed to think that a 4K upgrade for my basement TV would mean that I need to rent Xfinity's modem/router. This is a hard no for me. She also wasn't technical enough to explain why this was the case so she transferred me.

The second agent never said anything about my modem. She was insisting that I needed to replace my DVR with a new model that supports a wireless connection to the new 4K capable box that would be for the basement TV. I told her I did not want another wireless network in my house, I want to use the same coax cable that the XiD-P already uses. After all, if my XG1v4-A receives a 4K signal over coax why can't the new box? She cold transferred me to a third agent.

Unfortunately at this point I'm pretty terse with the third agent given that I'm starting over... again. He seems to know a little more, but not by much. He told me that the new boxes did not support a coax connection, only wireless. I asked him if the box had an ethernet connection. He said it did. I asked him if, instead of a wireless connection, could I use the ethernet I have in the basement instead. He seemed to think that I could. My next question to him was, if the basement TV now uses ethernet, an IP connection more specifically, would the data that the basement TV uses watching normal TV consume data that would count against my 1.25TB data cap? He waffled, initially saying that it would count against my cap, then saying it wouldn't.

So, I'm confused. What's the real story?

* Is my own modem and router compatible with the 4K TV service that I want? I hope my modem and router are beside the point/not part of the equation but I'm unsure.

* Do I need to replace my XG1v4-A DVR with a different model so that I can have 4K TV in the basement? I would rather not replace the DVR - and certainly not with a model that doesn't have its own hard drive/storage.

* Can I really use ethernet rather than setting up some Xfinity wifi network in my house? Wireless only would almost certainly make this a non-starter.

* Can I get 4K in the basement with my existing coax? (preferable)

* If I can use ethernet (acceptable) rather than wireless (unacceptable) for 4K in the basement will watching regular broadcast TV consume data that would count against my 1.25TB data cap?

Thank you for reading this saga. I appreciate your time.

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