4K UHD Content not available. - DirecTV

I have the "SELECT" Subscription Pack, Confirmed!
I am subscribed to channel 104 DTV4K, 105 & 106,... this has been confirmed!
I have a HR 54 500 Genie which is required to view 4K ultra HD programming.
All 4 HDMI Jacks on my TV are HDCM 2.2 HDMI compliant.
The Television IS a 4k Ultra HD TV. (TCL ROKU 55US57 Smart TV 120Hz, 4XHDMI)
I spent 1 hour 48 minutes on the phone today with a techincian and her supervisor at the DIRECTV support center trying to find out why the message "We are sorry but 4k is not compatible on this location", and why any program shown in the guide as being broadcast in 4k will not show on my tv and I receive the same message.

The problem was never resolved! All they could tell me is that my TV is not a 4K compliant TV and if I want to view 4K content I need to get a different tv set.... When I asked the supervisor to clarify she repeated; "Your new TV is not a 4K set, if it were you would be able to see the content"!

I can stream Netflix in 4k, Amazon in 4k, other Roku content in UHD,... but not anything from DIRECTV! Obviously, the TV IS WITHOUT DOUBT a 4k Ultra High Definition TV! " 4K UHD / 120Hz / 4 HDMI/ 4K Creative Pro Upscaling /3000+ Streaming Channels" http://www.tclusa.com/currentmodels/55us57/
So I am looking for ANYONE to give me an answer because it is obvious that the "Support Professionals" at DIRECTV are clueless!
Not happy about wasting nearly two hours of cell phone service and my life talking with uninformed incompetent supervisors and their underlings!

This question, "4K UHD Content not available.," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Those jacklegs are poorly supervised. It is a known issue that they are having a problem with the 4k channels for some people. The same thing is happening to me, "not available at this location". I went through the same thing of them not knowing what was going on, finally after a couple days I got to talk to somebody who knew what they were talking about. He told me that they are working on fixing it but they don't know how long it's gonna take. He just told me to keep checking and call in again if it lasts more than a couple weeks.


I hope you have resolved your issue. I'm having the same issue.

To clarify though: You can get 4K directly from the HR54 only if your 4K TV is "DirecTv Ready". Specifically, it has to have a built-in RVU. If your TV does not contain its own RVU, then you must have an C61K client box connected directly to your 4K TV and the HR54 has to relocated to another room. All of this must be setup by a DirecTv technician and the C61K cost me about $150 all said and done.

See: https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/directv/KM1040584

I just went through all of this last week and speaking with DirecTv support reps has been an exhausting process. I'm actually having flash-backs about my early Cable-Card/TiVo days.

When I google this problem, I'm finding that a number of things can cause this error message. 1) your HDMI input must be HDCP 2.2 compliant. Most HDMI inputs on todays 4K TVs are. I believe you mentioned yours is? 2) Some forums mention that in order for you to get 4K the HR54 has to update to firmware version 0xc5a. This is something that you can do yourself. Some people warn that in doing so, you can actually download a BETA firmware version and it can mess things up. I just know that when I try it on my HR54, it keeps pulling down the same version 0xc45. You can Google the steps to update your firmware. 3) Try a different HDMI input on your TV. I know... I know... Just a suggestion. {shrug} 4) Try a different HDMI cable? Again, a suggestion. I've seen stranger things happen.

Oh, and by the way, none of the above possible causes were suggestions from the wonderful DirecTv support reps.

I'm still stuck with no 4K at the moment and have been given no ETR from DirecTv. I'm going to call them again this afternoon. Please give us an update if you get yours fixed


I had this same problem for over a month. Finally one guy at Directv said, oh you just need a new client. One arrived in two days and the new client worked perfectly. Don't wait for a fix, get the Genie Mini replaced immediately.