There is so much content in the article that I have read about 4kTV, which is located at What Is 4K TV - Resolution, Price and Ultra HD Content - Tom's Guide. To sum it up , 4kTVs have become popular due to their size and picture quality. Some of these televisions come in sizes up to 85 inches. 85 inches is an huge size for a TV. Even though I wouldn't mind a size TV that big as far as fascination goes. But honestly there is no need for a TV that big, but pride of saying you was able to purchase one. The format of the television is 4096x2160 pixels. The detail on the 4k is outstanding. Last year a Sony's television came out that sized at 84-inches. Which cost a large lump sum of $25,000.00. This is ridiculous. So many things can be purchased with $25,000, that are more important than a 84 - inch television. A 49-inch Sony TV will be $2,000, the 79 inch $9,000. The United States does not have the proper broadcasting that will be able to service the 4k/HUD. Apple TV and Roku does not connect to this type of television.


I question the statement that they are "popular." There is very limited 4K content. Just not enough, in my mind, for people to toss out their latest flatscreen for the magical 4K variety. I do not believe there is enough pull yet to get people running to upgrade yet again. 4K and above is coming and it will be the norm...I agree on that point.
Have you seen any centralized location of 4K content to check out the titles currently available for ultra High Def??? Just curious, I had not seen any. I would be a little dismayed to buy a 4K TV to only be able to watch "legacy" HD programming!