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I read this week that odds are Steve McGarrett's sister is about to be killed off on Hawaii 5-0, which is a change from the original concept. She was supposed to stick around and be a part of the dad mystery, but the producers opted to focus more on the professional (a good idea) and so she is doomed. What bugs me is that murder isn't the only option. Send her to the mainland, for crying out loud. That's how it was in the original. Reportedly, star Alex O'Loughlin is not pleased.
I feel so sad about Taryn Manning, getting an early boot but I heard that she's getting a spot on Law and Order: SVU or a return on Sons of Anarchy or possible role as Janis Joplin.


, Blogger: Orry's Orations
It's not even that I care about her much. I hadn't seen her before, but abandoning stories is too bad. At the same time, I noticed the show has opted not to go with a lot of the personal stuff. There was all kind of talk about romances with Kono and such, and they haven't done any of that. I think in the end they said it's Hawaii 5-0, not a soap opera. Aside from Steve tracking down his dad's killer, the only personal we've had since the beginning is Danny's storyline with his daughter and ex-wife.
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