500 Plus Channels and nothing is on...Are you watching more or less TV now?


When I was a kid, back in the 1960s and up to the mid 1970s, very few people had cable television, videotape players were big, bulky, and only very wealthy people owned them, and there were only three networks and a smattering of local independent channels on over the air TV. Even so, I used to watch about four to five hours of TV a day during school days, with lots more than that on weekends unless I had plans to go see my girlfriend or play with my friends. Even in high school I watched lots of TV.

Now, with cable TV and so many specialized channels out there, you'd think I watched either the same amount of TV or a bit more, but I don't. On weekdays I watch about three hours or maybe less, and I hardly watch TV on weekends unless it's to watch 60 Minutes or The Simpsons.

What about you?


I am definitely watching less television now that I have gotten older. I guess I spend more time on the computer or talking to my husband and enjoying the time we have together now.


Same here. I spend more time on my computer than on the television. But I do agree that even with all the channels we have available, sometimes nothing is on. There were many times growing up that our antenna would only pick up about 5 channels. Now the channels we have are in the hundreds. But for one reason or another, I can't always find something that will hold my attention.


It can be so irritating surfing through the channels with nothing worth watching. And it happens so often. I end up turning it off and moving to my PC instead.