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    Default TabloTV Seeks Cloud Funding

    It's a surprise to many that you can get free over-the-air (OTA) TV with excellent HD image quality just by plugging an antenna into your TV. But even if you're OK with the reduced channel selection, the problem is that you're stuck with live TV. That means no time shifting or delayed viewing unless you pony up for one of the handful of OTA DVRs on the market.

    Tablo is the latest entrant in the budding over-the-air DVR space, launching today on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It's a small black box that records over-the-air content and streams content to a variety of connected devices. You'll need to supply your own USB hard drive and antenna, plus you'll need a secondary device to watch content -- the box itself doesn't have a video output.

    Tablo is promising support for Roku, Apple TV (via AirPlay), and Google Chromecast for TV watching, although when I talked with a company representative, Chromecast support seems more like a work in progress. Apps for both Android and iOS are on the way, and Tablo will be capable of streaming both within and outside your home network.
    Read More: Tablo DVR - Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) - CNET Reviews

    This is another interesting home networked "whole home plus net" DVR. Unlike Aereo it fits unquestionably within current law, and with up to four tuners it can record as much content as you could ever think of recording. The real test will be seeing how well it streams through Roku or Chromecast since that seems to be the weakness of Simple.TV. I also don't like that you have to pay for the guide data (advertising supported anyone). Personally, I'm still looking for a low cost, reliable, stand alone DVR solution. My iView 3500STB is low cost, and stand alone (and I can hook the hard drive to my computer and stream the recordings through Playon), but not reliable.
    Snappy Dan Reminds You:

    DO NOT install antennas anywhere where they could fall into overhead power lines!!! An antenna falling into power lines may result in electrical shock or death. All outdoor antennas must be grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Be careful while working on roofs or towers. Always use appropriate safety precautions!!!

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    Can you please expand on the simple.tv weakness in regards to Roku live tv streaming? I'm interested in the new dual tuner version coming out next month. I have read the Roku streaming issues with current version have been addressed with the latest sw update.

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