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    Question 50's TV Shows

    What were some of your favorite television shows originally aired in the 1950's. Now of course you may not have actually watched them back in the 50's but we've seen them in re-runs. I found a link that list quite a few of them. Here are some of my favorites; Dragnet, Gunsmoke, The Texan & The Rifleman.

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    Yeah, that was back when clean comedy was at its best, as well as some of the westerns that have been mentioned. We like Amos & Andy, I Love Lucy, The Chevy Show with Bob Hope, The Milton Berle Show & The Jack Benny Show.
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    Not sure if Alfred Hitch************ presents was in the 1950's, but I love that show. The man was a genius of horror and drama, and way ahead of his time.

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    Saying this really dates me...! But the very first 1950's shows I ever remember watching were "To Tell the Truth," "This Is Your Life" as well as one or two more game shows, and "The Lawrence Welk Show." Oh, and "Sing Along With Mitch Miller" was another. And "Howdy Doody Time" and "Superman" and "Rin Tin Tin" and "Roy Rogers" and "Sky King", etc. I am very musical....so the music shows were the ones that stick in my mind the strongest. A bit later it was "Bonanza" (I was too young to stay up to see that on Sunday nite, but I remember hearing the theme song drifting to me in my bed... It was many years before I got caught up on those! Now I want to get the entire series on DVD.) and "The Rifleman" and "Rawhide" (i can still hear Frankie Laine's song clear as day) and other westerns... I could go on and on, but I'd be getting well into the 1960's and this particular thread is about the '50s shows. Y'see I was born in 1955, so there are some things I distinctly remember even from around the age of 3 or 4. ;-)

    For some reason I don't remember seeing "I Love Lucy" till I was maybe 8 or 9...!
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    Wow, I forgot all about Rin Tin Tin. I loved both Rin Tin Tin and all the Lassie shows. I was just reading up on some information on Wikipedia about both series. Apparently, both shows and dogs had quite a history.

    Just a little trivia information here, the originial Rin Tin Tin has his name on a Hollywood star Hollywood Walk of Fame - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Regarding the Lassie series. Campbell Soup Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia sponsered Lassie during it's 19 year run. If you get a chance to watch the shows, you should be able see Campbell's products in the background.

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    Oh, what fond memories. Sky King, I love Lucy, Howdy Doody, Mickey Mouse Club. I lived with my grandmother back then and was allowed 1 - 2 hours of tv time before dinner. Lovely time in my life.

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