581 Houses Without Spectrum Service EVERY Night In Brookfield WI - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "581 Houses Without Spectrum Service EVERY Night In Brookfield WI", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. This is one for the record books!

Since last Tuesday March 26th every single person with Spectrum Cable in our neighborhood, (Greenfield Heights sub division) has lost all cable services from 7:25PM til about 9PM or 9:30 PM. Zip code is 53045. All our neighbors and my family lose cable TV, phone service, and Internet Service from EXACTLY 7:25 PM to 9:00 PM sometimes 9:30 PM. By 9:30 PM service comes back and than goes out again by 7:30PM to 9:30 PM the following night.

Several blocks from Lois Avenue, Tremont, Robinwood, and Tower Hill Drive are all affected. The ONLY time that we did not get a service interruption this week was last night, Saturday the 30th of March.

I have heard of cable going out, but never at a timed frequency like this. All of us in the neighborhood have gotten credits, but this is just insane with these every night power outages! Everything is lost for these 90 minute intervals, comes back by 9:30, sometimes by 9:00, only to go out again the following night except for like I said Saturday night. What ever the maintenance techs are trying to fix is not holding in the Greenfield Heights sub division and surrounding areas in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Can someone do a service history of our area? Our neighbors and I want to know what keeps failing at about 7:25 every night, gets fixed by 9:30 at night, only to fail again at about 7:30 the following night? Every night Voiemail reports an outage in the area, but would like to know from the bucket crew what they are trying to fix that has been in vain?

Over 580 people in our area without service every night in 90 minute intervals from 7:25 PM till 9:30 PM for the past five days!


581 Houses Without Spectrum Service EVERY Night In Brookfield WI?