70+% packet loss @ tge9-5.clmkohpe07r.midwest.rr.com - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "70+% packet loss @ tge9-5.clmkohpe07r.midwest.rr.com", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps.

Other route nodes in my trace to the IP are at 20-25% packet loss. Im using as a destination.

I have been calling support for 5 weeks. Different managers involed, escalation to maintenance team, bucket team, plant supervisor, but the problem persists. My sub-divsion, at minimum, has all but given up hope that spectrum is able to fix the issue.

I would upload a screen grab from pingplotter, but the connection is so bad the upload is failing. "Uploading Screenshot - 11_8_2019 , 4_50_41 PM.png resulted in the following error: TypeError: response.data is null"

70+% packet loss @ tge9-5.clmkohpe07r.midwest.rr.com?