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I put an ad on craigslist for FREE 8 bay bow tie plans and FREE help to build your own antenna to receive FREE over the air TV about 40 free channels available. I helped 72 people build an antenna. There are 72 more people watching free over the air TV. All those people said they were tried pay TV and didn't know there were so many free channels. My advertisement was educational they thought there were only 5 channels. I have 34 more people that want help building or buying an antenna so I guess I will do it again. I think the more people we can get on antenna TV the better our chances are that antenna TV will never go away.

I think if all the folks on this forum would do the same thing we could get 1000s more people on free TV. I have been sending plans and instruction by email but what I really need to do is make a web page and post the link on craigslist. Web page editors have changed. I use to make web pages years ago now I can't find any good programs that work for making web pages. Maybe someone on here is into doing web pages and we can all use the same link.
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My advertisement was educational they thought there were only 5 channels.
I told my daughters father-in-law that I received 42 channels ota and he said, "42 Channels!?!?!" LOL
The number of channels one can receive nowadays via ota seems to be one of the big secrets about the transition.
If people only knew...


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Some know but don't have the 'build it myself' gene (cough, thinking self). Old story, but still bummed at my rooftop antenna that is essentially worthless.


This is what I have tried several times on craigslist but some JERK keeps flagging it to get it deleted.


The only ad that does not get flagged is to list FREE TV ANTENNA. Then when people email me I send them this information. Then I have to do question and answers for a couple days while they build an antenna or buy one on ebay.
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I think your story, Craigslist ad and photos should be added to the front page of the Forum as a new article. That's the best promotion of OTA reception I have seen to date. :applause:



Hay. How about you guys give me some help. It is going to take me several days maybe weeks to list this on craigslist all the large towns and cities all across the whole USA. How about you guys copy the ad to your computer then copy and paste it on all the largest cities you can find first like, Houston, LA, Atlanta, Chicago and so on. Once we get it listed in all the major cities we can start listing it in smaller towns. I had this listed in half a dozen big cities during the winter for a few weeks.
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