771 error -- without signal - DirecTV

Getting 771 error. Satellite signal unreachable. Problem started Saturday, 4 days ago. Snow has accumulated on dish which is located near highest point of garage roof.

Our 1st winter with satellite tv. Not impressed at all. Lost signal due to the recent snow and still can't get it. It was bad enough that rainstorms knocked out the signal several times during the warmer months. Certainly not going to climb the roof to brush away the snow. I guess a heater wrap for the dish is one option or switching back to Comcast eventually is another option. What do others here do?

Direct TV Technician scheduled -- earliest availability is 10 days from now unless an appointment cancellation opens up an earlier slot. Probably doesn't matter as technician wont climb up on the roof anyway due to the snow there. The price for this appointment:: $50 service fee or $8 a month line protection fee, neither of which cover the cost of relocating the dish. And if I cancel Direct TV contract today, the pro-rated cancellation fee is $300. Yeah I pretty much hate Direct TV now.

Should have stuck with one of our former providers (UVerse or Comcast) even though they jacked up their prices annually. dont recommend DirectTV to anyone.

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