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I just received a brand new HD DVR receiver from Directv. I had it all set up and working and then moved it to another location. Once plugged in the system set up would start to receive satellite info. During this process every once and awhile the loading screen would kick and show the 771 no satellite signal and then kick back to the loading. It would finally get to 98% and then stay there loading for a bit and then would kick to the 771 no satellite signal. I plugged the original HD receiver that was there first and it kicks on and starts working.

I am sure my alignment isn't off because the one HD receiver will work in that same spot and the new HD DVR receiver won't work.

The Satellite Transponders (32 total at 101°) on the original HD reciever read
(1-8) 92 90 90 0 92 97 90 97
(9-16) 91 94 91 0 94 97 92 97
(17-24) 91 0 92 0 94 97 94 97
(25-32) 92 100 89 0 93 97 91 98

On the brand new (seriously just got it on Thursday 1/19) HD DVR receiver the transponders read all zeros right now, every once and awhile the 1 and 3 transponder will show a number above 90 and there are maybe 3 more numbers that are close to 90 and above.

Called Technical support and they were not able to assess the problem over the phone and want to send a technician for the fee they charge.

Wondering if anybody has seen this before and has a way to fix it??

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