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    Default Do I need a separate box for every TV?

    Looking into ordering Comcast cable for my apartment and would like to know if I need a separate box for each of my 3 TVs? I've got a quote for just one receiver but I think I want at least 2.

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    Are you talking about the Comcast box? If you want anything except basic cable, yes, you have to have a box for each TV. If you want expanded cable only in one room, you can get a box for that and not for other rooms. In those other rooms, you'll receive only basic cable.

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    To get the full benefit of your video it is suggested to get a settop box for each tv. You can experience my absolute favorite Video On Demand. With your service digital cable package it comes with your first one within the package. Each additional box is approimately $5.99 plus tax. If you want to know more about your area for pricing send us an email at we_can_help@cable.comcast.com. We're here to help.

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    All of this depends on where you live, and subject to change over time. Generally, what Doug said is true, but in some areas you can still get expanded basic cable, just fine, without a Comcast cable box. However, where that is still the case, it will almost surely change over the next year or two.

    However, do note that if you're willing to just have basic cable (just the local over-the-air broadcast channels) on one television, you'll generally have the ability to receive those without a box, depending on the tuner(s) in your television.

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